About us

Our system works on managing advertising screens remotely, adding many services, providing more collegial effort, and our general services to various clients for companies, factories, malls, companies, state departments, airports, and even shops, stock exchanges and exchanges. Available to us, and this service is exclusive and unique in our beloved Iraq

Reseller Benefits

Best Quality Guarantee Assurance Concept

Top in the Industry

Top in the Industry compensation of 30% on the sales.
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Marketing materials

Marketing materials, advanced training and on-going support in selecting the right hardware for each project
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Wholesome support

Wholesome support right from the stage of lead to project pitching to project implementation
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Life long compensation

Life long compensation for as long as the customer keeps renewing the licence.
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We offer both on-premise and on-cloud software

We offer both on-premise and on-cloud software. Customised features requests will be taken up on priority.
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