Digital Signage Software is typically synonymous with Quick Cell (Content Management System).However, a wholesome digital signage software offers a lot more than effective content management for screens. Especially hardware control, which became a lot easier with System On Chip (SOC) displays like LG webOS and Content Creation with integrations like Canva.

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if you arrived at a point where you are considering changing your signage software, you should definitely try QuickCell Digital Signage Software.

Why LG webOS signage monitor is one among the best for a digital signage deployment?

LG’s webOS operating system for digital signage has come a long way since its debut in 2014. With each new release the operating system has become stable and comprehensive in addressing the requirements of signage industry.

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If you have an android display or an LG web OS display, no additional hardware is required. Otherwise, an android or a media box turns your display into an engaging digital signage solution. Compatible media players can be purchased from we company Our team will help you select and purchase the apt hardware according to your signage project, without compromising either on the quality or the budget.

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